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Understand how, where and when
your orders are coming from.


How are your refunds affect your business?

Purchase Frequency

How often do your customers order?

Repeat purchase rate

How often do your Recurrent Customers order?

Customer type

Is your business based on acquiring new clients or bringing back recurrent ones?

Products / Quantity distribution

How many products do your orders contain?

Segment by location, time, source, UTM

By customer type, location, time, source, UTM tags.

All-in-one e-commerce analytics

Pre-made enterprise-level business reports that cover your entire business.

Product Performance

Business intelligence for each SKU. From visibility to real Product Conversion Rate.

Web Analytics

A simple, powerful alternative to Google Analytics Universal. Sessions, Visitors, UTMs, and more.


Performance metrics for each Collection, from views to conversion rates from listings to product detail view.


All the information you need for an in-depth order analysis of your store.

Marketing Costs

Stay on top of your Marketing expenses with integration with Google and Facebook Ads integrations.


Quick overview of your financial stats.

So far, so good

"We have over 4000 products in our store and it's easy to lose sales if you cannot properly track them and don't know which products are performing poorly. Thankfully with this tool you can analyze each product and product category individually, filter it by vendor and see its performance through different time periods. Really useful!"


"One click setup and surprising reports. It is an useful feature that you cna track the product performance after any changes. Great!"


"Great! I am finally able to see some good insights on my products performance, collections and search keywords. Very easy, one click install with tracker for page events included, no Google Analytics needed. Recommend."



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