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Product Performance
Web Analytics
Collection Performance
Orders Analytics
Financial Tracker
Purchase Frequency
Repeat Purchase Rate
Pre-segmented data
No. of Products distribution per order
Product views and impressions
Pre-made product analytics
Search terms
Price Range Analysis
Frequently Bough together
Product Types, Vendor, Product Tags
One-click install
Request your raw data antyime
No limit data retention
60min data update
Entire history import

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"We have over 4000 products in our store and it's easy to lose sales if you cannot properly track them and don't know which products are performing poorly. Thankfully with this tool you can analyze each product and product category individually, filter it by vendor and see its performance through different time periods. Really useful!"


"One click setup and surprising reports. It is an useful feature that you cna track the product performance after any changes. Great!"


"Great! I am finally able to see some good insights on my products performance, collections and search keywords. Very easy, one click install with tracker for page events included, no Google Analytics needed. Recommend."



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