Our mission

Making e-commerce data
accessible to all.

Our Story

We believe that the future of e-commerce is reserved for those that best use the vast amount of data their stores generate every second. We're on a mission to make that future accessible to everyone.

Our experience revolves around technology. With 70 years experience in building tech split between 3 people, it's pretty much all we know to do. Part of that experience is founding and leading tech teams in an multi-country online exclusive retail brand. One of the main challenges we faced was improving decision making at every level of the company with data based insights.

Dhatma started as a solution to an everyday problem we have faced for years: how to simplify finding business insights in massive amounts of data.

We prefer an open relationship with our partners, maintaining a permanent communication channel open, be it email, in-app chat or Slack. Our goal is to become your remote data business intelligence department.

Contact us if you have any questions or schedule a call directly if you want to have a chat and show you our product.

All-in-one e-commerce analytics

Enterprise grade business reports that cover your entire business.

Product Performance

Business intelligence for each SKU. From visibility to real Product Conversion Rate.

Web Analytics

A simple, powerful alternative to Google Analytics Universal. Sessions, Visitors, UTMs, and more.


Performance metrics for each Collection, from views to conversion rates from listings to product detail view.


All the information you need for an in-depth order analysis of your store.


Stay on top of your business costs and marketing expenses with Google Ads and Facebook Ads integrations.


Pre-made customer segments and customer acquisition analysis with easy-to-use cohorts.

So far, so good

Truly amazing app that gives insight into your store that no other app does. I've learned so much by having it and am able to take detailed actions in my marketing and site development based on the info in Dhatma that it pays for itself many, many times over


The Dude's Threads

We have over 4000 products in our store and it's easy to lose sales if you cannot properly track them and don't know which products are performing poorly. Thankfully with this tool you can analyze each product and product category individually, filter it by vendor and see its performance through different time periods. Really useful!



One click setup and surprising reports. It is an useful feature that you cna track the product performance after any changes. Great!



Great! I am finally able to see some good insights on my products performance, collections and search keywords. Very easy, one click install with tracker for page events included, no Google Analytics needed. Recommend.



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