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Our all-in-one ecommerce analytics app empowers your online store with unmatched insights, unique product engagement metrics, and seamless reporting features.

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It just works

Dhatma provides business insights by combining data from your customers' browsing captured by our tracking script, data regularly imported form Shopify and data imported from 3rd parties like Google or Facebook.

How Dhatma Works

Simple to use, powerful once mastered

We offer pre-made, easy to understand default reports created with input from top e-commerce businesses. Custom report creation tools also available.

Your entire business is covered

We offer comprehensive data analysis of your online store, covering various aspects from product visibility to customer segments and finance. New data is updated monthly.

Time is of the essence

Save time and money with easy one-click data solutions: installation, integration, reports, and exports. Our mission is to make business insights readily accessible.

Product Views and Revenue in one screen.

We offer unique insights into your product performance by combining session and database data, such as impressions and conversion rate of a specific collection or product page.

Customize your reports as you wish.

Easily create custom reports by starting from any existing report, and using our wide range of dimensions and measures to fit your business needs.

Product Tags

Easily analyze product performance from all perspectives with pre-segmented product information. Reports also available for Product types, Vendors, and Product tags.


Discover which products sell, which don’t, and why!

Get a full 360° view of all your products.

Pre-made product selections

A,B,C Products
Unseen products

What percent of your product offering is not viewed by any customer?

A,B,C Products
A,B,C Products

Which products are your revenue drivers?

Viewed, but not purchased
Viewed, but not purchased

How many of your products are never purchased, despite being viewed?

Returned Products
Returned Products

Which products generate the most returns?

Abandoned products
Abandoned products

Which products do your customers add to the cart but don't finalize the purchase?

Visible out of stock products
Visible out of stock products

Which out-of-stock products are being looked at by your customers?

Compare at product level.

All product metrics can be compared with previous periods to offer you a more accurate picture of their evolution.

Compare Performance

Monitor the Sales Velocity of your products, types, vendors or variants.

Quick and easy way of measuring how fast your products are selling.

Sales Velocity

Which products are trending?

Instant view of how your products are performing day by day, week by week, or month by month.

Product Trends

Quick visual overview of all your products.
Feel free to drill down.

Your entire product catalog is automatically split between 6 different segments: 'Hidden products', 'Viewed, not purchased', 'Listed, not clicked', 'A products', 'B products', and 'C products'.

Performance Ratios

Frequently Bought Together.
Products. Product Types. Vendors.

Easy to find the right product combos for your new bundle or Sale. Easier with percent of sales precalculated for you.

Frequently Bought Together

Align your prices with your customers' expectations

What percentage of products at what price range generate the most revenue, product views, margin, etc.? Ready-made price range analysis that reveals your customers' price preferences.

Ready to get started?

Measure. Analyze. Profit.


Analyze your sessions like a PRO

Easy to digest Web Analytics.

Product Visibility

Advanced monitoring tracks each product detail view and impression to compute performance metrics for every SKU.

Pre-defined Product Reports

Products that haven't been seen by any client, products that have been seen by a lot of clients and never been bought, and many more.

Collection performance

How many times a client has viewed a collection, which products has seen, which have clicked, and, most importantly, which he has purchased.

Revenue per sessions per traffic source

Track each session from start to finish and connect profits to traffic sources.

Friendly Analytics

Easily understandable and user-friendly analytics.

More sessions than Google Analytics

Dhatma is not (yet) affected by ad blockers, making it possible to record more sessions.

Track your campaigns

All your traffic is categorized based on the UTMs you use.

Device, browser, OS

All the usual device, browser, OS dimensions your accustomed to in your previous web analytics app.

Entry/Exit pages

Quickly identify which pages drive traffic and which cause exits from your store.

Built with privacy in mind

Only one cookie is used to differentiate between a recurring visit and a new visit. Data is not shared or cross-checked with 3rd parties.

Lightweight script

Our web analytics script loads faster than Google Analytics, not impacting your page load times.

No data sampling

We don't sample your data like Google Analytics. We report every session.

Ready to get started?

Measure. Analyze. Profit.


Collection Attributed Stats

Revenue, views, impressions, sales, and more.

Collection Views

How many times do your customers browse a collection?

Collection Click-Through Rate

How many products get clicks each time a collection is browsed?

Collection Conversion Rate

How many transactions does a collection generate?

Product Impressions

How many time is a product seen by a customer who's browsing a collection

Collection Revenue

How much revenue does a collection generate?

Product type and Vendors

How certain product types and/or vendors perform in a certain collection?

Quick overview of your best and worst products.

High/Low converting products

Which products in your collections convert best/worst?

Listed, but not clicked

Which products viewed in listings have no clicks?

Zero Impressions

Which products are not seen by any of your customers in a collection?


Hassle free financial tracker

No need for Excel or spreadsheets. Everything you need is in a single table.

e-commerce finance metrics
  • Product Revenue

  • Refunds

  • Discounts

  • Shipping

  • Net Sales

  • Cost Of Goods Sold

  • Facebook Ads Spent

  • Google Ads Spent

  • Gross sales

Ready to get started?

Measure. Analyze. Profit.

Marketing Costs

Keep your marketing costs in check

One-click integrations with Google Ads and Facebook ads.

dhatma marketing integration
Marketing Costs

One-click connect with Google and Facebook Ads for importing costs.

Revenue per marketing provider

Order revenue is attributed for each connected marketing provider .

Return on Ad Spent

Find out which marketing providers are most profitable.

Sessions & Bounce Rate

Make sure your money is not wasted on low quality browsing sessions.

Cost per order

How much do you spend for each order?

Filter out campaigns

Select which campaigns you want to include in your reports.


Target the right customers

Customer insights to fit any store

One Timers

Customers that have only one order.

Idle Clients

Customers that haven't ordered in a long time.

High Spenders

Customers with high-value orders.

Cohorts made easy

Analyze your customer acquisition and behavior with ease.

Customer Cohorts

So far, so good

Truly amazing app that gives insight into your store that no other app does. I've learned so much by having it and am able to take detailed actions in my marketing and site development based on the info in Dhatma that it pays for itself many, many times over


The Dude's Threads

We have over 4000 products in our store and it's easy to lose sales if you cannot properly track them and don't know which products are performing poorly. Thankfully with this tool you can analyze each product and product category individually, filter it by vendor and see its performance through different time periods. Really useful!



One click setup and surprising reports. It is an useful feature that you cna track the product performance after any changes. Great!



Great! I am finally able to see some good insights on my products performance, collections and search keywords. Very easy, one click install with tracker for page events included, no Google Analytics needed. Recommend.



Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Dhatma? Contact us anytime and we'll be in touch shortly.

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Measure. Analyze. Profit.

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